Ordo Ab Khao is a partnership between James Dolan and Mark Francombe to make Games, Digital Toys and other unspeakable things… but we can’t tell you about those yet.


Ordo Ab Khao was formed by Mark Francombe and James Dolan during the late 1980’s, upon leaving the Fine Art department of Portsmouth University. The duo produced a number of very strange films from their studio in an old theatre in the unfashionable industrial end of the city. Often referencing alchemy, existentialism and surrealism, the work was suffused with layers of meaning, hidden stories and texts, dark bizarre characters in timeless, unexplained environments. The productions were often monochromatic, contained many animated sequences and were very, very cheap. They were shown at galleries, private parties, art and music festivals, but were never on general release.
Francombe and Dolan went on to produce a number of pop promos, and provided some animated sequences for other music videos that were shown on television in the UK and internationally on MTV.
During the nineties the duo moved to separate cites, and eventually continents, pursuing different activities.

Company reformed in 2009 to work on “Aunty – A Metaphysical Mystery”

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